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Celebration Launch


Ethiopia Ministry Trip


September 13-18, 2023


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

You Are Invited:

Please consider joining Biblica on a journey to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to witness the power of God’s Word in action. This opportunity includes celebrating the launch of the newly translated Oromo Bible, visiting local Biblica partners, and enjoying fellowship and refreshment in the beauty of God’s creation.


This team will take part in the launch of the new Bible translation in Oromo. Together we will celebrate the completion of this Every Tribe Every Nation all access goal which is the first refined translation in Oromo. The Oromo people are Cushitic and are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia representing 34.5% of the population. The Orominya language is their mother tongue (also known as Afaan Oromoo and Oromiffa). It is estimated that about half the population of the Oromo people are Muslim, a third Ethiopian Orthodox and the rest are mostly Protestants or follow their traditional religious beliefs.

Each part of the itinerary will showcase the impact of Biblica’s partnerships among Kids in Crisis and the Frontline church who are experiencing the power of God’s Word. The goal is to bring home the urgency of this mission and to grow the community of investors advancing the Word of God.


Founded in 1809, Biblica’s passion has always been to provide accessible Bible translations to those without Bible access. For 213 years, Biblica has been involved in global Bible translation, distribution, and engagement to bring Gospel hope to the unseen, overlooked, and unreached. This means mobilizing God’s Word to the farthest reaches and most challenging places on earth—nations in the grip of fear, the face of war, and the wake of disaster. Releasing contemporary translations that will reach the most people in the most places also opens the door for related languages to receive God’s Word. Through cutting-edge technologies and collaborative partnerships, Biblica is pioneering Scripture programs that address the real-life questions of kids in crisis and the very future of the church. And we are equipping frontline churches with resources that help believers stand tall and remain strong in any storm.


Guests are asked to cover their international airfare and Biblica will support in-country expenses.

*If you prefer, a Biblica travel liaison can assist in booking airfare.


Once you have booked international travel, please forward flight itinerary to 

If you have any questions, please contact Kim Whitman at [email protected]

Ministry Focus:

Kids in Crisis are children and teens facing hardships we can hardly imagine. Yet with the love of Christ through God’s Word, these kids are ready to rise. Today’s global youth live in a world more connected than ever before. But our young people are asking hard questions that reveal their feelings of isolation and disconnection: Who cares about me? Where do I fit in? Do I matter?

Even before COVID, many young people turned to suicide – the third leading cause of death in 15 to 19-year-olds. Since the lockdowns, attempted suicide rates among teens have doubled in some countries. Layered on top of an essentially hopeless future is the genuine presence of poverty, war, and displacement – with COVID still looming. More than 50 percent of the world’s refugees are children, and over 450 million children live in conflict zones. Without God, where will these youth find their answers? How will they stay the course without anchoring the rhythms of their lives in the Bible?

The Oromo Bible translation launch highlights our ministry efforts to support the Frontline Church.
The church is God’s primary agent to reach those on the edge of society – the exploited, the
discarded, and the overlooked. We call this the “frontline” of Gospel ministry. Biblica has a long
history of reaching people on the margins of society, and we serve ministries and churches on the
frontline of the Gospel by creating Scripture outreach resources tailored to those who desperately
need God’s Word.


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